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Small Things, which Influence our Life

It’s simply amazing how the mind is much able to complicate simple things. We meet new people at every unpredicted point in life and it’s these unexpected meetings with random people that bring main changes in your life. You wouldn’t even know when and how they become so important to you. I am not talking about falling in love with a randomly met an unfamiliar person. I am talking about meeting somebody who shows you what life is. Who brings to you the most real and unflattering image of yourself.

I think the only motive we meet them is so that we know ourselves better. We know who we truly are and what we were pretending to be. You will never feel/ experience being judged by them, but at the same time they will ask you clear cut questions about things that you do. They care for you unselfishly. They read you, they see you and they know your thoughts or beliefs when you are yourself not sure about them. You can fight with them, plan not to talk to them ever again, overlook them for a while and do everything you can to keep yourself away from them. But in the end you will be back to them.

Not because you are weak or they came back apologizing. The person matters to you way above all these. They complete your personality.  Talking to them isn’t as essential as knowing that they are fine. What matters most to you is their smile, knowing that they are content where they are and in what they are doing. You think you miss talking to them but being with them, you sit silently just enjoying their company.

We as humans are a pretty much an insecure and confused species. We know not what we really want and when we do realize it, we are worried to confirm. Like, if we say it or admit it, we’ll jinx it. No, that is never the case. The more we run away from ourselves or from these few people who make us see things the way it actually is, the more we go deeper in the illusionist world that we have created already.

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