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The Importance of Education in Politics

For thousands of years, education has been an essential part of society. Education is ‘the key that unlocks the door to development’. A good education system provides large number of competent people with innovative knowledge, skills and ability to give something different to the society.

In addition to competency building, education in itself has incredible influence on humanity, which accounts for a large part in a country’s growth.

If we talk about politicians, it is very important for them to get proper education because if our Prime Minister and President, both are educated, our country will go well in future and if the politicians are not educated on moral values then there will be a lot of corruption or exploitation in the country.

Educated politician is important because of the following reasons:

1. To stop corruption and take corrective actions.
2. To understand situations and problems of people.
3. To get new, innovative and unique ideas.
4. To take solid decisions irrespective of oppositions.
5. To treat the citizens fairly and equally with dignity.

For politicians, the right educational background and qualifications are also necessary because education acts as a base for organizing and implementing rules and policies. These rules and policies which formulated by the politicians define the quality of the country. Politicians must be aware of all the problems in the country so that they can think of the solutions and do the needful.

Educated politician brings stability in politics which leads to political development of the country. Mostly politicians are viewed as engaged in conflict, making cost-benefit calculations and trying to maximize returns on engagement in violent conflict. Therefore, the path for peace and safety is not through addressing inequality, but by ‘winning hearts and minds of the people’ by providing solutions of their problem at the right time. And this is possible only when a country has an educated leader or a politician.

So, before allowing candidates who are interested in politics and want to take part in elections, we should ensure that they are educated, have relevant degrees in some specified area, and are visionary with specific plan for the upliftment of the country. Their promises should not be vague and general. If they say they want to eradicate poverty, they should have a concrete plan of action for the same. Their promises should not be hollow and repetitive.  They should have the zeal to approach all their plans with target dates and intense planning. As the person who fails to plan, plans to fail, is what I strongly believe. They should be capable of bringing positive change in the country which will take the country to new heights.


Ayushi Jain
Commerce Faculty (PCTIL)
Team -Academics
PC Training Institute Ltd.

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