• I found PCTI really very good place for IT aspirants. It is an excellent place for retreat and study. Over here we have precious and great teacher and mentors. During my tenure in PCTI, I benefitted greatly in my study and career. I had the rare opportunity to obtain  personal guidance and clear instrucations from seniors as well as faculties related to my career.

    Naveen Kadyan, MCA-IGNOU (2003)Government Employee in Delhi Administration
  • Education from PCTI Institute has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a management career in the highly competitive, dynamic, and rapidly change business environment.

    Dharamveer Singh, MBA – SMU (2008- 2010)SDO, MTNL
  • PCTI faculty and staff clearly go to great length to make their student’s environment comfortable and well-equipped to focus on learning. While it is in no way an easy program, the intelligent  arrangement of the courses make it manageable to pull off a full-time career at same time. The PCTI’s cohort class style also offers the ideal venue to create a strong network and life-long friendships.

    KUSH KUMAR, MBA (2008-2010)Lead Consultant, CSC India Pvt. Ltd
  • The quality of English Training offered by the PC Training Institute to our skilled trade workers has been highly impressive. The staff members were courteous, polite and reliable. I must compliment PCTI staff for their efficiency and professionalism and dedication.

    CEO, SNK International (Canada)
  • PCTI has offered a great blend of opportunities and academic with a strategic location and a well-built campus which fosters a wonderful environment for students. Thanks to the immensely talented faculty of PCTI, who are both highly experienced and dynamic individuals, I have attained a great perspective as well as high level of education that is immeasurable to me. I made great contacts in the classroom and throughout the industry thanks to the support I got from PCTI alumni network and career services. I would say that PCTI has been a truly great school and an overall shining star in my career path up to now.

    Sunny Gupta, MBA-SMU (2007-2009)Sr. HR Executive, SR Foils and Tissue Limited
  • Studying in PCTI is one of the best experiences I have had in my lifetime due to the many accomplishments I have experienced since I came here. I felt a big difference between when I first arrived, and I have been able to learn a great deal. Moreover, PCTI is one of the best learning centres of SMU in Delhi. I love how the students help each other. PCTI is my second home and I feel proud to be a student here.

    Sumit Kumar Kalia, MBA SMU (2006 2008) ERP Manager, Nysa Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  • I had an incredible time in PCTI. It is miles more than what I had expected. The quality of education, the positive influences, and the experiences that I received as a student provided me with a solid foundation.

    Gaurav Jindal, Mech(IT)(2008-2010),KSOU sst.Professor, GIIBS, Delhi
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