Ignou Faq

Q 1.IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates recognized?


Yes. IGNOU is a Central University established by Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No 50 of 1985). IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognized by all the members of the Association of the Indian Universities (AIU) and AICTE and are at part with Degrees/Diplomas /Certificates of all the Indian Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions vide UGC Circular No. F.I-8/92 (CPP) dated February, 1992, AIU Circular N EV/B (449)/94/176915 dated 5th January, 1994 & UGC Circular No. F1-52/2000(CPP-II) dated May, 2004.

Q 2. Which are the yearly programs and which are the semester programs in IGNOU?


  • BA, BCOM, MCOM are Yearly programs
  • BCA, MCA are Semester program

Q 3. What is Academic Schedule for IGNOU Students?


Academic Schedule describes the status of Classes, counselors, Date, Time of  current semester. You can see the Schedule from PCTI Noticeboard as well as PCTI website also.

Q 3. What should I do after submitting online  application in IGNOU University?


After submitting On-line application, applicant is required to submit the following documents along with the computer generated Control No. to the concerned Regional Centre on  before the last date.

Q 4. What is the Last Date of Submission /deadline of  IGNOU admission?


  • Print out  the filled online admission form with photograph affixed and duly signed.
  • Demand Draft/Cash Challan for the programme Fee / Fee for the first year/semester and have written your name, programme code and online Control No on the reverse The Demand Draft should in favour of IGNOU and payable at the city of the Regional Centre opted.
  • Attested copies of certificates in support of your educational qualification(s). If you are applying for BCA and have studied Mathematics at 10+2 level, attach mark sheet as proof.
  • Experience certificate wherever required.
  • Category certificate for SC/ST/PH/Minority candidates.
  • Age certificate wherever required.

Q  5. What are the details of admission requirements?

Ans. Please Refer IGNOU website :- http://ignou.ac.in/

Q  6. What is the Mode of the Fee Payment?


Make a draft in favor of IGNOU payable at the city where your Regional Centre is situated. For BScN(PostBasic), PGDHHM, PGDGM, PGDMCH, DNA, CCENAM, CNIC, CMCHC) any Registration Fee (Rs 100 / -) is to be paid. The candidates of PGDCC will also pay registration fee of Rs.500/- The Programme Fee will be collected from the candidates on their selection.

The Programme fee can also be submitted in cash in the branches of Indian Bank or IDBI Bank.

Q 7. What is an auto generated Control Number?


An auto generated Control Number is allotted provisionally after submission of online application form.

Q 8. If we forget to take printout of Online Application Form after submission? What is procedure to get the form.


One has to go the link http://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in/PrintForm.asp and can download/print the form again.

Q 9. Can Foreign Nationals fill the online admission form?


No, only Indian Nationals residing in India can use this facility. Please contact Director (International Cell), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for admission or visit http://www.ignou.ac.in and select the Division and International Division for Fee Details / Partner Institutes etc.

Q 10. If PIN Code is not available, can we leave it in the form?


PIN Code is mandatory, if in case you do not have PIN Code then please fill 000000 (6 times zero ) in the field code.

Q 11. What is admission cycle or session in case of IGNOU


Basically there are two session in a year : January session and  July Session

January session : Students who took admission in the month of October , November and December comes under January session and their exam conducted in the month of  June.

July session : Students who took admission in the month of April , May and June comes under July session and their exam conducted in the month of  December.

 Q 12. What is the Examination fee?

Ans .

Firstly submit the assignments of all subjects, then you can fill the exam form with attestation. Exam fee of per subject is Rs. 60/-

Q 13. What is the Schedule for submission of Examination Form for December Term End Examination?


  • Without Late Fees                    : 1 Sept – 30 Sept
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 300/-     : 1 October – 20 October
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 500/-     : 21 October– 31 October
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 1000/-   : 1 Nov – 15 Nov
  • (Subject to Change as per University decisions)

Q 14. What are the important dates for BCA / MCA Projects?


Synopsis Submission

  • 1st April to 30th June
  • 1st October to 31st December

Report Submission

  • 1st July to 30th September
  • 1st January to 31st March


  • 1st May to 28th May
  • (Subject to Change as per University decisions)

Q 15. Please specify the Calendar for conduct of Examination held in  a year?

Ans :

Theory Examination : June and December

Practical Examination : July and January

Q 16.  Please specify Re-Registration Dates for the July Session ?


  • Without Late Fees                     : 1st March – 31st March
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 200/-     : Upto 30th April
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 500/-     : Upto 31st May
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 1000/-   : Upto 20th June

(Subject to Change as per University decisions)


Q 17 . Specify the Re-Registration Dates for January Session ?


  • Without Late Fees                    : 1st August – 1st October
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 200/-     : Upto 31st October
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 500/-     : Upto 30th November
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 1000/-   : Upto 20th December

            (Subject to Change as per University decisions)


Q 18. What is the  Schedule for submission of Examination Form for
June Term End Examination ?


  • Without Late Fees                    : 1st March – 31st March
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 300/-     : 1st April – 20th April
  • With Late Fees of Rs. 500/-     : 21st April – 30th April
  •  With Late Fees of Rs. 1000/-  : 1st May – 15th May

(Subject to Change as per University decisions)

Q 19. How to get the registration details or how to confirm admission?

Ans :  Go to the site


Student zone

Registration details


For more enquires please visit website : http://ignou.ac.in/

Short Term Faq

Q1 What is the course fees and duration of English Speaking Course?

Ans:The course fees is Rs 3000 and duration is 60 hrs.

Q2 What will student get after completing short term course?

Ans The student will get PCTI certificate.

Q3 What is the fee structure of hardware and networking?

Ans: The course fee is Rs 5000 and duration is 3 months.

Q4 How many classes do you provide for short term courses?

Ans: We provides  4 days in a week classes.

Q5 Do you provide weekend batches also?

Ans: Yes.

Q6: What is the fee structure of Tally?

Ans: The fee structure is Rs 2000 and duration is 1 month.

Q7.How are short term courses  beneficial for the student? What extra thing you provide than any other centre?

Ans: Short term courses enhances the knowledge of the student. We provide placement assistance also.

Q8: What is the fee structure of Capsule course in computing?

Ans: The fee structure is Rs 5200 and duration is 3 months.

Q9 What is the fee structure of HTML?

Ans: The course fee is Rs 2000 and duration is 1 month.

Q10.What extra benefits do we provide to short term course students?

Ans: We provide  online educational portal to our short term students also which is an add-on feature by providing them V-Lrn  login / password.

Qs 11. Is it possible to change the batch timings in the later phases of the course?

Ans. If it will be possible at our end then definitely we can change batch timings.

Qs 12. What are the current  short term courses offered by PCTI.

1. PHP
2. .NET
3. J2ME
4. Android SDK
5. Network Administration

Qs 13.Can  I access Lab throughout the week?

Ans. No, only from Monday to Friday except Wednesday

Employability Skill Development Faq

Ques1. What is ESD?

Ans: ESD stands for Employability Skill Development program.

Ques3: What type of courses comes under ESD?

Ans: Currently we are offering:

  1. Front office Executive
  2. Retail Executive
  3. A/C Executive
  4. Marketing Executive.

We can add more in near future.

Ques4 : What is the duration of each program?

Ans: 200hrs /3Months.

Ques5: What is the fee of each certificate program?


  1. For external student-Rs 5000
  2. for PCTI Student-Rs 4500
  3. If Payment of fee done in single Installment then Rs. 4000, for PCTI student
    and 4500For external student.

Ques6: Will You Provide certification for these courses?

Ans: PC Training Certificate approved by industry experts will be provided to you after the successful completion of your course.

Ques 7.Is there any discount on these courses?

Ans: If you will pay fee in single installment then Rs. 500 is discount.

Ques8:If placement is not provided then can you return the fee?

Ans: Placement is 100% ensured in this course, once you enrolled, fee is not refundable.

Ques 9: What topics you will cover in ESD program?

Ans:  Communication skills (Listening, Reading & Speaking) Computer (MS-Office), skill development (Leadership, entrepreneurship, decision making , stress mgmt,anger mgmt, motivation , time mgmt and many more) along with the specialization of opted course.

Ques10: What will be the expected package for Front Office Exe?

Ans: Rs 5-6,000 (for freeshers)

Ques11: What are the future prospects of this program?

Ans: Bright prospects are there after completing this program as every organization requires Front Office Executives skills, telemarketing Executives skills ,field marketing executives skills, Retail Executives skills and Accounts Executive skills.

Ques12: What is the Minimum Eligibility for doing this course?

Ans: Minimum Eligibility required for this course is 12th Pass.

Ques13: How much percentage is required for doing this course?

Ans : Admission percentage required for this course is 45% or above

Ques 14: What type of approach you are going to use for ESD course?

Ans: Activity based learning approach is used to train the candidate. .

Ques15.Do you charge extra fee for providing Placement?

Ans :No, not at all, it is including in your program fee.

Ques16: Can I get the Books of ESD program from PCTI?

Ans: We  will provide you CD of the Study Material, you can refer reference books from PCTI Library.

Ques 17: What extra benefit you will provide to ESD student apart from the Placement?

Ans: We will provide you good infrastructure, Lab facility, library facility and 24 x7 V-lrn support all these are our add-on features .

Ques18: Can you suggest me the Name of some reference book for ESD program?

Ans: Trainer will suggest you the Name of Reference book.

Ques19: What documents are required at the time of Admission in ESD program?


1. 10th , 12th certificate and marks sheet

2. B.A/B.com marks sheet (consolidated)

3.  Passport size photograph (2)

Ques20: What is the Admission Process of ESD program?

1.Firstly you need to fill the ESD Admission form and submit it in PCTI Library along with fee.

2. You will be provided a PCTI –Card along with updated fee status .

Ques21: Please specify the mode of fee Payment?

Ans: By cash only (Deposits fee in PCTI –Library).

Ques22: When the class of ESD Program will be start?

Ans: In the first week of every month .

Ques 23: How many classes will be there for each ESD program?

Ans: 200hr or 3 Months (Monday / Tuesday / Thursday and Friday) 5-hour per day.

Ques24: Is it Govt. approved program?

Ans: We will provide you PC Training Certificate approved by industry experts after the successful completion of your program.

Ques25: How can we communicate for any query?

Ans: Drop a mail only at : Query@pctiltd.com

Qs 26: What do you mean by Employability skill development training program?

Ans: Employability skill development training program is a  Job Training program in PCTI means: PCTI do that in a variety of ways including providing the training and cultivating
the skills so that people need to be successful in the work place.

Qs 27: How to train interviewee for employment services?

Ans: By Involving the  interviewee in training program for interviewing skills.Interviewing skills are essential for the hiring of the right talent .

Ques 28: What Are Employability Skills.

An employability skill is when an employee already has job readiness skills. They are responsible and reliable workers. They also work well with others.

Ques 29. What are Employee Development & Training program?

Most employee development and training programs build employees with upgraded skills, working to their full potential and equipped to with versatile skills to manage work pressure at workplace.

Ques 30: Why go for ESD program?

Ans: Employers are looking for people who are reliable and hardworking. They appreciate future employees that are not afraid to handle various tasks and do not need much supervision.

Ques 31: How to Advance Your Career with Technical Skills Training?

A: Advancing your career typically requires adding more skills. Obtaining technical skills training and becoming certified in new technology provides an opportunity to obtain a more lucrative career. Take classroom training offered by PCTI.

Ques 32. What are employability skills?

A: Employability skills vary tremendously depending upon what job you would like to have. Different jobs require different skills. But most jobs do require certain basic skills. Almost every job requires literacy.

Ques33.Can we switch from one program to another program of ESD?

Ans: Yes, of course but before the Start of Specialization..

Ques34: What is the Criteria for Getting Placement after the completion of ESD

Ans: ESD aspirant has to achieve A-Grade as a whole along with 100% attendance.

Ques35: Which course is preferable for commerce graduate?

Ans: ESD – A/C Executive program only.

Ques36: Can we have Weekend batches for ESD Program?

Ans: Right Now we are Providing Weekdays Classes of ESD program but in near future weekend batch can be planned.

Ques37: What is Common in all the ESD program?

Ans: Three Modules –Communication skills, Skill development and computer are common among all ESD program.

Ques38:What are the topics that comes under skill development?

Ans: Motivation, Time mgmt., Anger mgmt. , Stress Management ,Entrepreneurship and leadership etc and many morecomes under this.

Ques39: Tally comes under which program of ESD ?

Ans: ESD – A/C Executive program only.

Qs 40.  What is the unique features of Employability skills Program that
differentiate this program from all other programs?

Unique features of ESD program are :

  • 100% Placement oriented program.
  • Mock interviews.
  • CV checks.
  • Career planning.
  • Further study options.
  • Personal development.
  • Communication skills.
  • Workshops

Ques41: Specify Email –Id to be use for any Query regarding ESD program?

Ans: Please use  Query@pctiltd.com only.

For Admission Enquiries, Contact our Centre or SMS to 9311871235 / 36 or, you may please email only at query@pctiltd.com

Ques42: From where we can access details of ESD program ?

Ans: You can visit our website – www.pcti.pctiltd.com