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Course Overview

Python Pandas – DB

Core Python

Purpose and Components of Python Python All Operation

Python Environment Setup


Installation of Anaconda and Python Standard Libraries

Data Types with Python

Basic Operators and Functions Conditional Statements Looping

Control Statements String Manipulation Lists

Tuple Dictionaries Functions Modules Input-Output

Exception Handling

Advance Python

OOPs concept Class and object Attributes Inheritance Overloading Overriding

Data hiding Modifiers Patterns CGI

Introduction Architecture

CGI environment variable GET and POST methods Database

Networking Multithreading GUI Programming Pandas : Libraries

Mathematical Computing Introduction to Numpy Activity – Sequence it Right

Knowledge Check

Class and Attributes of ndarray Basic Operations

Mathematical Functions of Numpy Scientific Computing with Python Introduction to SciPy

SciPy Sub Package – Integration Data Manipulation with Pandas Introduction to Pandas

Knowledge Check Understanding DataFrame View and Select Data Demo Missing Values

Data Operations Knowledge Check

File Read and Write Support Pandas Sql Operation pandas Series

Statistical Analysis and Business

Note : PROJECT using python-pandas with DB (MYSQL or MongoDB)

Statistical and Non-statistical Analysis Major Categories of Statistics Statistical Analysis Considerations Population and Sample

Statistical Analysis Process Data Distribution Knowledge Check Histogram

Data visualization in Python

Introduction to Data Visualization Knowledge Check

Start On January 1, 2020
Duration 2 Months
Institution PCTIL
Branch Pitampura, New Delhi

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